Tuesday, March 27, 2012

SPRING is here 
and we are loving this weather!! 
One afternoon Macy got home from school and asked if she could have a lemonade stand.  I happened to have the stuff, so I agreed.  We gave it away for free to build our clientele.  There were lots of generous customers.  And do you know how much money they made???  Forty three bucks!  I was shocked.  They had fun!

 Go Texan Day

And one of the best things about Spring...is Harper's Birthday!!!
I can't believe our little middle is five!!  She is just precious all around.  She never runs out of hugs or kisses.  She smiles almost all the time, even while she sleeps.  She makes friends easily.  She loves anything fancy or glittery. She loves her sisters.  She loves Izzy.  She is so encouraging to others. 
And this year she requested a rainbow unicorn party with her friends from preschool.  It was so fun!

Her sweet cousins came to the party!

 Honey and MiMi were there!
 Confetti eggs!!


 Sweet and Sassy

Happy Birthday, Harperdoodle!!

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  1. Precious girls; they're getting so big! Love the rainbow party! Makes me remember "Rainbow Bright" from when we were growing up!